• Collège Dawson Bibliothèque
    Type of project: General painting, classrooms, library and others.
  • Radio Canada
    Type of project: Wall painting and epoxy coating on floor in the studios.
  • La Grande Bibliothèque National du Québec
    Type of project: Painting, sealant and epoxy. Very complex architecture.
  • Université Concordia (Nouveau Complexe Intégré Campus Sir George William Pavillon de Génie et Informatique Lot 3 Et 4)
    Type of project: Building with 17 floors. Painting and epoxy coating in the offices, classrooms and laboratories.
  • UQAM Pavillon des Sciences Biologiques et Cœur des Sciences
    Type of project: Painting, mural and floor epoxy in offices, classrooms and laboratories. Animal Sector: 1/8 epoxy floor + wall and ceiling epoxy system of 6 layers. Parking membrane.
  • CUSM
  • Université Sherbrooke
  • École St-Noël-Chabanel
  • Collège St-Louis

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We are one of the few companies able to offer these types of services.

During our many achievements on various projects, we performed various jobs without the general contractor had to resort to other companies because our work is diverse and complete.

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