Our Company

Our first division

Established since 1988 and working in the commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, and food supply sectors; we have formed two specialized divisions.

The first division includes interior finishing. We have experienced painter teams in the field of small and large surfaces, which have many facets of the profession, like tapestry-workers, and spray-gun finishing for special products. (e.g. acrytane, urethanes, hammer-wrought, and electrostatic).

Our second division

Our second division deals with epoxy coating, and with our Blastrac equipment we have developed our own method.

Being one of the few companies that can offer the above-mentioned types of services, we can engage in your projects from beginning to end without having to call on other companies. This avoids any coordination problems. As a certified, accredited applicator of the best known brands in Canada, our labor is always guaranteed.

Our vision

The main change in the painting contractor field has been in the higher quality demands in the industry. The basis of our success lies on our perseverance and the passion for the work that we do.

We intend to continue on this route, therefore do not hesitate to contact us. Les Peintres Multicouleurs will be pleased to serve you.

About us

We are one of the few companies able to offer these types of services.

During our many achievements on various projects, we performed various jobs without the general contractor had to resort to other companies because our work is diverse and complete.

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